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When it comes to developing and designing websites, my goal is to deliver the most cost-effective, intelligent Web solution to clients, complete with interactive content and e-commerce capabilities. Each new site evolves by carefully considering its purpose, target audience and content.

I’m a design professional with over 20 years experience in graphic design.

2015-04-30 14.13.58My name is Laura Peragallo and I’m the designer behind lpdesignhelp. My skills and experience will benefit you whether you are looking for a new website, logo or promotional materials that truly reflect your business.

In my design career I have worked for a wide variety of companies, including several non-profits. As a freelancer, I am dedicated to developing a friendly, close-working relationship with clients and using my extensive experience to give them professional, modern designs. My qualifications include the ability to take a project from concept through completion, proficiency with various design programs, a B.F.A. in Graphic Design, and a closet full of black clothes.

Website Design & Development

You can find nice-looking website templates out there for very little money, there’s no doubt about that. But there is more to my job as a design professional than just making a site look “nice.” I use my skills, experience and expertise to make websites functional, easy to use and optimized for search engines. There is much more to a successful website than installing software. If it isn’t developed correctly simple mistakes can mean failure for your site.

The websites I design and develop portray each business in a distinctive light with an easy-to-navigate, intuitive design. Website optimization and analytics are used to encourage high visibility in search engines. You don’t get all that with a template!

Meeting and working with Laura Peragallo was the answer to my prayers. Within one hour of consulting via phone she "got" me. She came up with an amazing design that was beautiful and unique and represented my vision.
It Feels Good To Be Me! is not only the title of our book but the feeling you get when you visit our website created by Laura. Laura embodies many of the qualities of a professional designer who strives to understand her client and their needs.
There are many "web designers" out there, but only few possess the knowledge and expertise of this seasoned designer. I know this, and have trusted her mastery and proficiency on my very own site.
Knowing the importance of my decision, I spent weeks researching and interviewing designers. I ultimately settled on Laura because of her talent, professionalism, knowledge and passion… and I couldn’t be more satisfied!
...the guidance and direction in coming up with a SEO plan for the site has helped me maintain a high ranking in the search engines, helping my customers find me.
It has been such a pleasure to work with Laura for the past four years! I would highly recommend her, as she has been able to create so many vital marketing tools for us, which have all been tremendously successful and effective.

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Website redesign for Pat Longo
A custom WordPress redesign for spiritual healer Pat Longo. The redesign includes a new color scheme, slider and custom buttons on the homepage, social media integration, a new calendar feature, and responsive layout.
Website for spiritual wellness services.
A redesign of a spiritual wellness site that was originally created by the client. Content management was a major consideration since events, inspirational messages and other pages are updated on a regular basis. To allow the clients to have more control, the site was made with WordPress. This enables them to edit and update the content once the design and functionality was customized to their needs. The blue color palette is reflected in the background, font colors and image choices. The slider provides visual interest and aids in navigation.
Website with e-commerce for SicChic Fightwear.
This site was created for a business that produces a line of MMA fight wear for women that has recently expanded to also include men. The client was looking for an edgy, bold design that would appeal to the target audience of women that practice martial arts style training and fighting, but not be overly feminine to discourage men from going to the site. The site also highlights the client's dedication to charity and giving back. Built-in SEO elements have helped the site rank on the first page of Google six months after its initial launch. AddThis buttons have been included to encourage social sharing. A companion store that features the fight wear was developed and is now online at shop.sicchic.com.
Fitness website for Boos' Brick Fit House.
This custom-built site was created for Long Island-based personal trainers Keith and Stacey Boos to promote their business. Having recently moved locations, they were interested in featuring photos of their new facility which was handled by creating a slide show element on the homepage. Other photos used throughout the site include training sessions and client "before and after" photos. Contact, location, and services are easy to find.
Custom Website for Pilates Studio.
A Pilates instruction studio based in Norfolk, VA, was looking for a custom-designed website to highlight its Pilates teacher certification program and a continuing education workshop. It was thought that these offerings were difficult to find within the larger site for TRDance (Todd Rosenlieb Dance) and required their own website. Using the existing color scheme, for TRDance this site was designed to put focus on the Pilates studio, its programs, and instructors. Certain design elements maintained a consistent look between this site and TRDance.org, while ensuring its own unique layout and overall design. Registration forms allow for online registration and payment for classes.
Custom website for SPark Workshop Brooklyn.
A custom website built for a cooperative artist and maker space that also offers a woodworking shop, private and semi-private studios, and classroom space located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The logo and the website were designed to have an industrial feel. The site has built-in SEO considerations which enables the site to rank on the first page of result for searches on studio space in Brooklyn.
Custom website for Healthy Alchemy, Long Island.
A custom-designed website for a spirituality and wellness center on Long Island. The client requested a jewel-toned color scheme with vibrant colors that complimented the main image of the bells. The various colors work in harmony and don't overwhelm the layout. Other design elements reinforce the concepts of energy, light, and flame. The images are used throughout the website and in email campaigns to create branding. The design has flexibility to allow the site to grow and expand as the need arises. There are built-in SEO elements helping raise visibility on search engines. ShareThis buttons were included to encourage visitors to share the workshops on social media.
Illustrations created for Butter Beans.
A series of hand drawn food illustrations created for Butter Beans, a NYC-based business that provides lunch programs for schools and wellness education programs in and outside of the classroom.
Website and promotional materials.
This site was created to compliment the existing Montessori Children Preschool site as well as stand on its own as a separate site highlighting their summer camp program for children. The site has a user-friendly layout that gives parents vital information about the program in an easy-to-read manner. The site features warm colors, playful fonts, vibrant images, and has built-in SEO. The school's location and contact information are prominent on the homepage as well as the other websites for Montessori Children. Online registration for the summer program is handled easily through a form.
Website Redesign
This site for a Montessori preschool is a great example of why it's vital to the success of your business to update your website. The former site looked dated even though it had been designed only two years ago. For the redesign, I knew it was important to include strong SEO elements and have meaningful monthly updates. My approach was to make a site that would be visually appealing to parents and provide an online tour of the preschool. I didn't want to overload the site with childish imagery as I have seen on other preschool sites. Instead, I took a more subtle approach by including small crayon drawings, bright colors, lots of white space and photos that featured children engaged in activities typical of the Montessori classroom environment. Quotes from Dr. Maria Montessori are featured prominently within the layout.
Promotional materials designed for Butter Beans.
What started as a set of food illustrations created for use on food labels and menus, eventually expanded to creating table-top displays, recipe cards, flyers, and other promotional materials. Postcards were created to spread the word about their summer camp program. Seasonable vegetables were used as the main image for the front of recipe postcards reflecting the time of year. The food images were handdrawn and then finalized using Illustrator.
Custom-Built Wellness Site
This site features striking photography combined with inspirational quotes in a slide show on the homepage and throughout the site. The site incorporates colors from the logo and a sunset palette that underscores the concept of fire and rebirth that were important to the client to express. The "Yoga Pose of the Month" feature will ensure regular updates which is important to ranking well. SEO elements were built-in to help with ranking.
WordPress Website Design
It was important to the clients to include a blog and have the ability to manage the content themselves which WordPress would give them. A theme was customized to incorporate rainbow colors and other graphic elements to reinforce the "feel good" message when visiting the site. The website also features a slide show with illustrations from the book. Plug-ins for social media and contact forms were added. One of the main goals was to create a user-friendly, cheerful layout that allowed potential customers to learn about the book and purchase it. The blog will offer steps for parents and teachers on how to share the message of the book with children.

What’s On My Mind

You can find out on my design blog where I write about topics such as the best website practices, preparing for the design process, budgeting for projects, and measuring the success of your website.

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